Patrick Alexandre

New Album Out Soon


Recorded to tape in an old stone barn turned recording studio south of Nanaimo, "In The Blood" is a comprehensive album inspired by Alexandre's road life, historic and current events that shape our world, and his Metis heritage, which dates back to the Red River Rebellion. Much of the album was written in complete solitude in an abandoned candy factory in the gritty North end of Winnipeg. You can hear the influence of his surroundings on songs like "One more," "Boneyard," and "Hold on me."


"It's the perfect spot to find some real blues, right here in Winnipeg" he says of the building, "between systematic problems with poverty, racism, and addiction right outside the window, and the ghosts spooking the tunes right out of me from inside the building... inspiration was never far away."

Joined by his band, Dwayne Dueck on guitar and Jeffrey Laird on drums, the group manages to capture the intensity and energy of their powerful stage show by recording live off the floor. This, along with the warmth of reel to reel tape gives the record the honest and earthy feel Alexandre is recognized for.

Throughout his career, Patrick has explored unconventional studio spaces, while using analog recording whenever possible. From his uncle's old barn where Little Miss Higgins' Juno nominated "Bison Ranch Recording Sessions" was recorded, to a century old Wolseley house, Alexandre finds inspiration and character in these settings.

 "By the time he was done, all that was left was his guts piled on the floor, and an audience, standing, cheering; insisting he do some more!" -Sheldon Sveinson, Artistic Director at The fiRe & Water MusiC Festival

"Patrick Alexandre and his trio of Blues enthusiasts 'blue' the roof off the root community emporium on Wednesday night, playing an extra set and an encore after much encouragment from the audience, where the trio broke out their secondary instruments for a very unique sound, boisterous it could fill an amphitheater."   -Phil McLachlan, Meridian Booster/Postmedia Networkd


 "Several of the highlights of the rest of the show came from “Strange New World,” Alexandre’s new Cd, especially “ Who’s Gonna Thank You when You’re Gone.” "      -Richard Amery, lA Beat